Curling, the Sport for the Winter Olympics

What the heck is curling?

If you Google curling on the internet and you will get results related to hair styles (curling irons). Apparently the sport of curling is not in the public consciousness, unless you live in Wisconsin or Minnesota or you are Canadian.

I vaguely recall from my youth some strange sport being performed on ice with people sweeping the ice. I didn’t understand it then. But I do now.
Curling is the winter version of bowling or bocce ball played on ice. Players roll a large stone toward a circle in an attempt to earn points. Other players on the team use ‘brooms’ to change the speed of travel of the stone. Teams alternate throws and they regularly try to knock the other stones out of the circle. There is more strategy to the game than is initially appreciated.
Curling surfaces to public viewing once every 4 years at the winter Olympics. I became interested in it many years ago, likely circa 2002. I can watch a lot of sports and this was one that caught my attention.
I was like many people who over the years began to watch curling during the Olympics. It took a little while to understand it but once I did it became much more captivating. NBC was surprised to find that more and more people were watching it, particularly in the afternoons when they had to fill their programming and didn’t want to show the premier winter sports during non-prime time hours. NBC has expanded its coverage of Olympic curling ever since to match the ratings spike it received.
Curling cannot be understood unless you watch so we invite you to watch it. Because we have found watching curling matches in our physical therapy clinic to be engaging we are taking personal responsibility to promote curling to our patients. We are sponsoring a contest to invite people to watch curling and learn alternative meanings to the words ‘house’ and ‘button’.
We will select 2 curling matches a day and post the matches to our website. You can pick the winners of each match by going to our webiste. We will run the contest through the whole olympics and we will have gift card prizes for winners in categories of most correct picks and highest percentage of correct picks. We are making it a business mission to educate the public and propagate the number of curling fans in the desert.



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