Treatments that “Actually” work on Tennis Elbow


by Steve Carling, PT, MS

A couple of months ago I began treating a patient for tennis elbow, aka lateral epicondilitis. His insurance placed a lot of out of pocket costs on him so he wasn’t too eager to enter into a long term treatment plan so I stepped out on a limb and promised him that treating his elbow with ASTYM would provide the relief he was looking for. I normally don’t like to make promises that I can’t guarantee but I felt confident ASTYM would be good for his elbow.

ASTYM is a therapy that regenerates healthy soft tissues (muscles, tendons, etc), and eliminates or reduces unwanted scar tissue that may be causing pain or movement restrictions. I have been ASTYM certified for several years now and find it to be very effective for many therapy-related diagnoses.

Upon returning for his 3rd visit I asked him how the elbow was feeling. He responded, “Actually, the elbow is starting to feel better…”. I stopped him and asked what he meant by actually.  I found it amusing when the word actually was used because it denoted some level of surprise. I was not surprised. We see patients get better all the time! That’s what we do!  I promised the patient he would get better and what I interpreted from his use of actually was that he did not fully believe we could help him as well as we did.  I was pleased he was doing well for him but also for me that I didn’t make any promises that we weren’t able to fulfill.

We saw this patient a couple of more times and his elbow was significantly better and he was able to return to lifting weights at the gym. He provided us with this success story.

Tendonitis success story

Nothing is more complimentary to what we do when we can demonstrate to a skeptical patient that we can improve their condition.  Our job is to help people feel better and get back to their normal life. It’s what we do! And we have a good time doing it!

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